Kimberly Whitehead,

706-342-4445 fax

266 W. Washington St.
Madison GA, 30650

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Native to Georgia, growing up in Gwinnett County, as a 

teenager, moved to Morgan County in 1986, 

which I consider my home.

Started working with my father in 

his printing business. Always with 

an entrepreneur spirit, in graphic 

design, and customer sales.

Graduated Ashworth College with a 

paralegal degree and an interest in real

estate law specifically, pursuing a real estate

license was my goal.

I enjoy painting, and I have never 

met a dog I didn't like.

If you feel that I would be the 

perfect realtor for you, please do

not hesitate to reach out, I would

love to speak with you. Let's work 

together to make your life easier.